Professional English for Computer Science (34271260) @ Minjiang University

by Tao Wang

Course Information

Instructor Tao Wang <>
Office hours Wednesdays, 16:00-17:00. Level 4 Wucheng Bldg.
Textbook English for Computer Science (2nd edition)
Resources Stanford CS101: Introduction to Computing Principles

Tentative Schedule

Lectures          Topic
Lecture 1 The History of Computer Science
Lecture 2 Basics of Computer Hardware
Lecture 3 Data Representations and Coding Systems
Lecture 4 CPUs and Instructions
Lecture 5 The Memory Subsystem
Lecture 6 The I/O System
Lecture 7 Computer Networks
Lecture 8 Reading Skills I
Lecture 9 Reading Skills II
Lecture 10 Writing Skills I
Lecture 11 Writing Skills II
Lecture 12 Advanced Topics: Artificial Intelligence
Lecture 13 Advanced Topics: The Internet of Things
Lecture 14 Advanced Topics: 5G Networks
Lecture 15 Group Presentations I
Lecture 16 Group Presentations II


This course has been offered in the following semesters:

  1. Spring 2020 (2018 Class of Artificial Intelligence)
  2. more...


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Last Updated: 2019