Linux Operating Systems and Applications (31110740) @ Minjiang University

by Tao Wang

Course Information

Instructor Tao Wang <>
Office hours Wednesdays, 16:00-17:00. Level 4 Wucheng Bldg.
Textbook Linux Systems and Applications: A Basic Course (2nd edition)
Resources A Beginner's Guide to Learning Linux

Tentative Schedule

Lectures          Topic
Lecture 1 Installing Linux
Lecture 2 Booting Linux, Run Levels, The Init Process
Lecture 3 Logging In and Basic User Administration
Lecture 4 Users, Groups and Permissions
Lecture 5 The Filesystem
Lecture 6 Network and File Sharing
Lecture 7 Disk Operations and File Management
Lecture 8 Search, Compression, Backup and Restore
Lecture 9 Package and Software Management
Lecture 10 Process Management
Lecture 11 The VI Text Editor and Basic Shell Programming
Lecture 12 Advanced Shell Programming
Lecture 13 Advanced Network Applications
Lecture 14 Building Kernels
Lecture 15 Customizing Kernels
Lecture 16 Advanced Topics and Beyond


This course has been offered in the following semesters:

  1. Spring 2019 (2016 Class of Computer Science)
  2. more...


Please send any feedback to the course instructor Tao Wang <>.

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Last Updated: 2018